IRR News (13 – 26 September)

IRR News (13 – 26 September)

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This week, Anya Edmond-Pettitt digs deep into the IRR’s Black History Collection, a unique archive of posters, newspaper cuttings, pamphlets and campaign materials from black community and grassroots groups from 1950s to 1980s. Read her article, ‘Empire Windrush, Notting hill and the importance of archives’ here.

Questioning how the west London community is to heal following the Grenfell tower horror of June 2017, Colin Prescod writes for The Funambulist, a magazine on the politics of space and bodies, on ‘Grenfell tower: what happens when the state goes missing’.  

In the upcoming issue of Race & Class, Tazreena Sajjad warns against the naturalisation of violent border practices by states. In her article, ‘What’s in a name? “Refugees”, “migrants” and the politics of labelling’, Sajjad shows how labels are now used to legitimise incarceration and deportation. Our fortnightly calendar of racism and resistance continues to document key events in the UK and Europe. 

And finally, the IRR is looking for someone with web development and/or design skills to work with us to create a section on our website on the work of A. Sivanandan, who died in January. We plan to create an exciting site to introduce him and his life’s work to new audiences, read more information here.


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