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Get the latest edition of Race & Class, How Racism Came to Britain cartoon book for kids and the seminal Struggles for Black Community on DVD in our special festive promotion.

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This festive season, get something for all the family with the latest edition of Race & Class, the How Racism Came to Britain cartoon book for kids, and the seminal Struggles for Black Community on DVD.

Race & Class: A Watershed Moment

The October 2020 issue of Race & Class contains key articles that make sense of the crises we are in – of COVID-19, of racist state violence and of global capitalism – and asks, is this a watershed moment? This year, the COVID-9 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter anti-racist upheaval have dominated the headlines across the world. Key Race & Class analysts make sense of this current moment.

How Racism Came to Britain

The third book in a series that explains how racism came to Britain. It is highly readable, serious – yet entertaining – and is especially suitable for young people. Published in 1985, it examines the origins of racism in slavery and colonialism and shows how it affects black people in every aspect of their lives in Britain today – in immigration control, employment, housing, education, policing and law enforcement, and the media.

Struggles for Black Community

Struggles for Black Community, made by IRR Chair Colin Prescod for Channel 4 at the beginning of the 1980s, charts the milestones in Black people’s fight for justice – ‘race riots’ in Cardiff in post-war 1919, Notting Hill in 1958, Powell and the numbers game, the strike at Imperial Typewriters, the death of anti-fascist Blair Peach. They reveal, in these histories ‘from below’, how unities across communities were forged so that Black became a political colour, not the colour of one’s skin, how racism has changed over time and how state institutions have been forced to move in response to Black challenges.

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