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  • How Racism Came to Britain

    The third book in a series that explains how racism came to Britain. It is highly readable, serious – yet entertaining – and is especially suitable for young people.
  • Patterns of Racism

    The second book in a series that traces the different ways that racism and colonialism have developed in various parts of the world and how and why they took on particular forms. Bringing the story up to the twentieth century, it covers North America, Australia and New Zealand, Southern Africa, Latin America, the West Indies and India.
  • Roots of Racism (Free Digital Edition)

    The first book in a series which covers Europe’s early contacts with black people and the factors that fuelled the original drive  for conquest. From the initial dominance of the Spanish and Portuguese, it traces the establishment of a worldwide colonial system and how that in turn fed Europe’s economic development – in particular through the industrial revolution.