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  • Entitlement and belonging

    Entitlement and belonging: social restructuring and multicultural Britain examines the Housing and Planning and Immigration Bills 2015-16. It suggests they will accelerate the break-up and displacement of multicultural neighbourhoods, whilst facilitating the development of a 'SUS culture' as the ‘hostile environment principle’, long- established in immigration policy, is extended into housing. Download a free copy
  • Prevent and the Children’s Rights Convention

    Prevent and the Children’s Rights Convention tests the duty placed on schools to prevent children being drawn in to terrorism against key articles in the United Nations Children’s Rights Convention (COROC).  Download a free copy
  • Briefing Paper no. 9

    The briefing paper,  Hidden despair: The deaths of foreign national prisoners, by Frances Webber, examines recent suicides of foreign national prisoners in prisons and young offenders institutions.  Download a free copy
  • Investigated or ignored?

    Investigated or ignored? An analysis of race-related deaths since the Macpherson report, analyses the criminal justice system's response to racist murders, or atacks with a known or suspected racial element, since the publication of the Macpherson report. Download a free copy