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Black America today

CARF spoke to Barbara Ransby, leading Black feminist and co-founder of African American women in Defense of Ourselves, about recent events in the US. What is your attitude to the Million Man March? I am worried by the way it has shifted the terrain of struggle – on the issue of sexism and women’s role

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Deportations of Roma to former Yugoslavia

About seventy Sinti and Roma occupied the office of the EU-Commission in Bonn to draw attention to the fact that Germany is continuing to deport Roma to the former Yugoslavia despite the fact that the European parliament is considering an appeal by the Roma National Congress (RNC) against the deportations. On 24 October, the family

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Deadly silence: black deaths in custody (introduction)

One death is a death too many. Too many of us* have died without cause, since first we came to work for this country in the post-war years, in the custody of the police, the prison system and the special hospitals. Or if cause there be, common to all three, it is the racist bias

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