IRR News 25 April – 1 May 2014

IRR News 25 April – 1 May 2014

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This week, Ryan Erfani-Ghettani asks whether the far Right is setting the agenda for Daily Mail reporting, after the newspaper ran several stories which emanated from the far Right, without revealing this fact to its readers. Saleh Mamon reviews Arun Kundnani’s The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror. And Nicky Road examines three recent reports documenting the treatment of young asylum seekers in the UK.

In news from across the UK, the mother of Azelle Rodney has condemned the CPS’s delay in deciding whether to charge the officer who shot and killed her son in 2005. An official inquiry in 2013 found that Rodney’s death was an unlawful killing. Nick Griffin has accused UKIP of recycling and softening BNP immigration policies, saying ‘they are using all our rhetoric, they are using our slogans, they are recycling our posters and people like it’. And Ian Forman, of Liverpool, has been jailed for ten years after police found bomb making equipment in his home. Hitler-obsessive Forman had saved images of mosques on his computer, describing them as ‘target one’ and ‘target two’.

Jon Burnett

Assistant Editor, IRR News


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